Seminole Residents Urged to Keep Eye Out for ‘Suspicious Activity’ After Recent Burglaries

March 21, 2017

Seminole city residents are being warned to keep a closer eye on their property, after a pair of recent home burglaries.

Seminole Police Dept. Chief Bernie Kraft said two residences, located in the 200 block of S.W. Ave. B, were burglarized “either Saturday or early Sunday,” which warranted the warning from the law enforcement agency.

No suspects have been identified in the burglaries, believed to be lined together, according to an ongoing investigation by the SPD.

“We want our citizens to be aware that this took place and have our neighborhoods to keep a closer watch for suspicious activity,” said Kraft.

Kraft added with recent temperatures warming up, as we transition from the winter to spring season, that added “on-foot” criminal activity tends to increase.

“We wanted to put (this information) out there our residents to continue to remind them to be vigilant,” added Kraft.

In Sept. 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) stated property crimes committed in the 2015 calendar year across the United States resulted in the losses of an estimated $14.3 billion, with currency, jewelry, motor vehicles, electronics and firearms making up a majority of the items stolen.

Seminole residents who observe any suspicious activity taking place are encouraged to contact the SPD at their non-emergency phone number, (432) 758-9871.

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