‘Founder’s Campaign’ Currently Underway for Seminole Education Foundation

September 12, 2017

With just over a year of organizational planning under their belts, the newly formed Seminole ISD Education Foundation has officially kicked off their initial fund raising campaign.

All in the effort to provide monetary support to the Seminole Independent School District at a level above where local taxpayer dollars can reach, and, in an effort to “maintain the community standard and high level of expectation of the Seminole Independent School District.”

Coined as the non-profit group’s “Founder’s Campaign,” donations in the range of $100 to $25,000 are being sought from both those within the business and private sector in this “one-time opportunity.”

Formed in May 2016,  the Seminole ISD Education Foundation was created to give the people in the Seminole community  and others a chance to help assist Seminole ISD in the same special ways that Seminole ISD may have helped them.

The local non-profit foundation accepts gifts of cash, checks, property and insurance and will bequests, as well as in-kind products and services.

According to foundation officials, donors who elect to donate $25,000 or above to the non-profit organization would be named as “founding partners” of the Seminole ISD Education Foundation, warranting the private or business-sector donors lifetime recognition of the non-profit’s future endeavours.

All donations to the foundation are tax-deductible.

For those willing to participate in the “Founder’s Campaign” process, you are urged to contact on of the following Seminole ISD Education Foundation Board Representatives: Chris Jones, Seminole Economic Development Corp; John Belcher, First United Bank; Nadine Kantar, McDonald’s; Gary Dugger, Oswalt Pharmacy, and; Jessica Parkey, K’Bella Ray’s Health Spa.


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