Health law sign-ups start, and some see a ‘hostile takeover’

October 30, 2017

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s sign-up season for the Affordable Care Act, but the Trump administration isn’t making it easy — cutting the enrollment period in half, slashing advertising and dialing back on counselors who help consumers get through the process.

Many people already faced fewer choices and higher premiums. But President Donald Trump’s decision to cancel a subsidy to insurers that lowers consumer costs compounded the turmoil, pushing premiums even higher.…

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What to know about 401(k) plans amid talk of tax change

October 24, 2017

NEW YORK (AP) — The 401(k) may be in Washington’s crosshairs.

Congress is looking for ways to raise revenue as part of a tax overhaul plan, and one of the methods reportedly under consideration is to curtail how much pretax money workers can contribute to their 401(k) and similar accounts. Such a move would strike at a way that tens of millions of Americans use to save for retirement.…

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Social Security recipients will see 2 percent boost in 2018

October 16, 2017

WASHINGTON (AP) — Millions of Social Security recipients and other retirees will get a 2 percent increase in benefits next year, the largest increase since 2012, thought it comes to only $25 a month for the average beneficiary.

The cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, affects benefits for more than 70 million U.S.…

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Texas payday lenders face tougher standards with new federal rules

October 12, 2017

Gordon Martinez turned to a storefront payday lender more than 10 years ago and took out a loan of $1,200. The former teacher had just moved to Dallas to start a career in sales and was struggling to make his rent. But with high fees, his debt ballooned to about $3,500 within a matter of months.…

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US pickup truck buyers demanding more luxury

October 12, 2017

DETROIT (AP) — Heated and cooled seats. Backup cameras. Panoramic glass roofs.

Not exactly what springs to mind when you think of a pickup. But that’s what American truck buyers increasingly want, spending an average of $46,844 on a pickup, according to Kelley Blue Book. That’s more than the starting price of luxury SUVs like the Mercedes GLC or the Lexus RX.…

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Upcoming Flu Season Could be Busy One

October 10, 2017

Flu season is at our doorsteps and medical professionals are warning this year’s flu season could be a particularly bad one.
Experts are sounding the alarm, saying this flu season could be a dangerous one.

So far, officials with the Seminole Hospital District have not reported any official cases of the flu locally.…

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New cars increasingly crammed with distracting technology

October 5, 2017

WASHINGTON (AP) — The infotainment technology that automakers are cramming into the dashboard of new vehicles is making drivers take their eyes off the road and hands off the wheel for dangerously long periods of time, an AAA study says.

The study released Thursday is the latest by University of Utah professor David Strayer, who has been examining the impact of infotainment systems on safety for AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety since 2013.…

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Seminole’s Jackson Recently Named Merit Scholarship Semifinalist

September 28, 2017

Seminole High School senior Lacy Jackson was recently named to an elite group of prep scholars for her hard work and dedication to studies inside the classroom.
Jackson, 18, in early September, was named as one of 16,000 semifinalists in the 63rd annual National Merit Scholarship Program.

According to a press release issued by the organization, those “academically talented high school seniors have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some 7,500 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $32 million that will be offered next spring.”

“I was excited when I found out that I had been named (as a semifinalist),” said Jackson, in a Thursday afternoon interview with the Seminole Sentinel.…

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‘Obamacare’ survives; GOP concedes on last-gasp repeal try

September 27, 2017

WASHINGTON (AP) — “Obamacare” lives on.

Senate Republicans, short of votes, abandoned their latest and possibly final attempt to kill the health care law Tuesday, just ahead of a critical end-of-the-week deadline.

The repeal-and-replace bill’s authors promised to try again at a later date, while President Donald Trump railed against “certain so-called Republicans” who opposed the GOP effort.…

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Apple may test the bounds of iPhone love with a $1,000 model

September 11, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple is expected to sell its fanciest iPhone yet for $1,000, crossing into a new financial frontier that will test how much consumers are willing to pay for a device that’s become an indispensable part of modern life.

The unveiling of a dramatically redesigned iPhone will likely be the marquee moment Tuesday when Apple hosts its first product event at its new spaceship-like headquarters in Cupertino, California.…

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