County Judge Lance Celander called a full table to order, at 10:02 a.m., Monday, May 12, in the Commissioner's Courtroom.  With an invocation and the pledges, a full agenda and important discussion was underway.  

Robert Barrett gave an informed report on the current burn-ban status in Gaines County.  Drought and high winds certainly tip the scales toward a ban, but Barrett did not feel it was needed at this time.  Of the last 72 fire calls, only four were grass fires, and only one began as a controlled burn.  Barrett feels that at this time, Gaines County is in good shape, going by the burn guidelines, and the Commissioners agreed.  

County Treasurer, Michael Lord Jr., gave the Monthly Fund Balance Report, as of March 31, 2014.  Interest earned for the 2nd quarter was $3,696.99 making the year-to-date total $6,958.23, all adding up to total funds of $40,132,295.89.  These funds are divided appropriately into 40 different categories, to best serve the citizens of Gaines County.  Lord informed the officials, that the interest should be higher, but rates are surprisingly low, at this time.  

Lord also requested that two new institutions be added to the payroll deductions codes.  Both United Heritage Credit Union and First Basin Credit Union were approved and added to the options, and are now available to county employees.  

Scott Nichols was the next to address the commissioners, requesting approval for a purchase of sod at the golf course.  The water feature is quickly coming together, and sod would finish the project, much faster than seeding.  With a busy tournament schedule ahead, the request was unanimously granted.  18,200 square feet will be covered with a Bermuda Hybrid, that will be delivered via two large rolls.

Librarian, Jane Bering reported the Surplus/Salvage and Gifts, made to the library, many in preparation for the Summer Reading Programs.  

She also requested that the amount of change in her cash drawer be adjusted, to alleviate multiple trips to the bank, weekly.  All Library items were accepted and passed without incident.  

 Construction plans for the new jail facility, requires the relocation of a gas line, to a safe distance from construction and must also meet City and County regulations.  Atmos Energy is willing to make this adjustment, at cost.  

The head architect and construction manager provided an in-depth report on progress with the new jail.  The plans, graphs and diagrams are 100% complete, allowing other phases of the process to  begin.  Sedalco Construction discussed numbers, based on 50% of the plans, reading discouragingly over budget. The Commissioners were assured, that the gap can and will be closed. 

Commissioner Craig Belt, Precinct 2, requested approval for purchase of a new distributor.  His request was heard and passed, unanimously.

A number of decisions were made, concerning Seagraves.  There were items added to the surplus/salvage, for auction, as well as much needed maintenance were both approved.

The Seagraves Little League requested permission to install new sponsor signs, along the fence.  That request was approved, as well.

Commissioner Blair Tharp of Precinct 3 had three road crossing requests, for water and utilities.  The cross on CR 311 and two crosses on CR 309, were all accepted.

The Commissioners meet on the second and fourth Mondays of the month, to discuss and act on County business.