Seminole City Council members unanimously approved of a motion to approve of an appeal from the City of Seminole's Zoning Board's fall 2013 decision not to approve the amendment of a zoning map  to change "Lots 6-8, block 57, OT Addition" from a "Single Family 3" zone to a "Neighborhood Service" zone, following a 15-minute public hearing held Monday evening at Seminole City Hall.

The request for the zoning change came from Family Harvest Church of Seminole, which purchased the property -- located at the intersection of N.W. Ave. D and N.W. 3rd St. --  as the future home of their "Kingdom Kids" daycare/parents' day out facility. The location was formerly the site of a nursing home which was closed prior to 1993, according to Seminole City Administrator Tommy Phillips.

Members of the City of Seminole's Zoning Board and City of Seminole's Board of Adjustment both voted 3-1 in favor of the change, but failed to have to zoning change become official due to a requirement in City Ordinances which require for four votes in favor/against to adopt such a request. That failure, in turn, reverted to the hands of the Council, which voted 6-0 in favor of the change, with Place 3 Councilwoman Michel Powers abstaining due to her personal relationship with FHC.

Daphne Delay, pastor at FHC, stated the planned facility will serve a major need within the Seminole community.

"This will be a neighborhood service because we have a great need for daycare within our community," said Delay, who added the planned facility is anticipated to accommodate up to 120 children and employee as many as 20 people.

This past August, FHC agreed to terms with the Seminole Economic Development Corp. on a a five year forgivable loan, totaling $100,000, which was expected to help FHC officials with the the purchase and renovation of property, according to a previous news account by the Seminole Sentinel.

Repayment of the loan will be based on quarterly salary reports and will begin nine months after the child development program begins full-time operation.

According to the Family Harvest Church's website (, Kingdom Kids "is a Christian, education-based program for preschoolers, infants to 5 years.

"Children enrolled in this program learn to build relationships in a safe, social atmosphere while being introduced to the basics of reading and writing. Lessons and projects are all geared toward helping children learn and explore the world around them."

Currently, Kingdom Kids operates out of FHC facilities located just off of CR 320 (Bible Way Rd.), just west of U.S. 385 (Andrews Hwy.).

Bobby Bates, Pastor of the United Pentecostal Church of Seminole, spoke to members of the Seminole City Council against the approval of the measure. Bates, in his presentation, stated he represented three families who resided within the immediate area of the proposed daycare facility.

"These neighbors contend the business would be a 'headache' and a 'nuisance' to them, and none of us would want that in our neighborhoods," said Bates, who added neighbors were concerned with the potential increase in traffic, changes to property values and "restrictions to what they can do with their individual properties."

"I feel like we have to put this into perspective," said Bates.

Place 2 Councilman, Chet Clark, who made Monday's motion to approve the zoning change, said he was in favor of the request and was following suit of the separate 3-1 votes made by members of the City's Zoning Board and Board of Adjustment over the issue.

"To me, when you add that up, you have six people who were for the change, and two people who were against it," said Clark. "The majority was for it, so I think we should support their decision."

In other action Monday evening, Seminole City Council members approved of the following agenda items:

• approval of a recommendation from the City of Seminole's Zoning Board to amend zoning map to change lots 6-8, block 4, Austin Addition from "Local Retail 1" to "Single Family 3";

• a request to demolish a structure at 1210 N. Main St.;

• a request to demolish a structure at 702 Duff;

• consider request to demolish a structure at 504 N.E. Ave. C;

• a request to sell used service revolvers from the Seminole Police Dept. to the City of Andrews (Andrews Police Dept.), for a cost of $500 per gun (10 Kimber Eclipse Custom II .45 ca), and;


• the purchase of automated water meters as part of a multi-year meter replacement project being conducted by the City of Seminole's Public Works Dept.