In a special meeting of the Board of Trustees of Seminole Independent School District held Monday night, April 21, it was revealed Kent Jackson had agreed to accept the job offer to become Seminole's Head Football Coach and Boy's Athletic Director.  The motion to hire him was made and agreed by unanimous vote.

 Jackson has served as head football coach and campus athletic coordinator at Coronado High School in Lubbock for the past three seasons after a successful stint at.Sweetwater High School.

A former Seminole resident, Kent graduated from Seminole High School in 1982.  He is the son of Ted and Martha Jackson, longtime residents of Gaines County.
He and his wife, Elizabeth will be arriving in Seminole when he is released from his contract at Coronado.

The Jacksons have two sons, Trenton and Randal, who are both enrolled at Lubbock Christian University.

In a related matter, the board accepted the resignation of Leland Beardon as Girl's Coordinator/Head Girl's Basketball Coach so that he could be installed as the Girl's Athletic Director/Head Girl's Basketball Coach thus separating the position of athletic director between the boys and girls with Bearden seeing after girl's sports and Jackson seeing after boy's sports.  Bearden's re-employment was approved by a unanimous vote.

On other matters the board accepted the resignations of five school employees:  Matt Strickland, Christa Burtch, Jody Harvey, Delilah O'Connell, and Nicole Wegele.
The board also approved of bids for iPads for educational use within the school district.