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  • Wild Horses of West Texas
    "From out of the past come the thundering hoofbeats of the great horse, Silver."   
  • With rains saturating much of the Lone Star State in recent weeks, and with the first confirmed cases of two mosquito-borne viruses in the state - one old enemy and one potentially ominous new one - the Texas Department of State Health Services was prompted last week  to notify local and regional health officials of the current status of a possible threat to public health.   
  • Let's Play Some Golf
    Certainly America has enough sports to keep everybody happy.  With football, basketball, baseball, softball, track, swimming, tennis and golf in school, we surely have enough sports to keep us amused. 
    I have been blessed to go on several mission trips. And like all trips of this nature, there's a large cost involved and a timeline in which to get your payment in to the missionary offices. 
    In light of the tragedies in schools and businesses where gunmen have taken innocent lives, I heard a radio interview in which a Pastor was asked, "Do you think great evil and mental illness are related?" 
  • "Another Coach"
    First off, Seminole brought Kent Jackson, a Seminole graduate, back to Seminole to be the Head Football Coach and Boys Athletic Director, He replaced coach Chris Burtch 
  • Teaching Kids to Love to Read
    Rebecca Escobedo is a former student at Seminole ISD who has been teaching first grade at BigSpring for the past four years. 
  • It is always exciting to discover someone you know has a talent you didn't know about. 

  • She Tends Flowers, and met  Lash LaRue
    Nita Carnley will become 93 this Saturday, July 5, 2014.   
  • One of the most recognizeable lines from country crooner Kenny Chesney explains that, aside from the fact that she thinks his tractor's sexy, she's also "kind of crazy about (his) farmer's tan." 
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