The Board of Trustees of the Seminole Independent School District met in regular session at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, July 14, 2014, at the Administration Building located at 207 S.W. 6th Street in Seminole, Texas. Vice-President Ben Royston called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.and Mark Beaty gave the invocation.

The Board met, short-handed, missing President Guy Chaney and Kevin Petty.

No visitors, or members of the public were present, so no Public Forum was needed.  

The District Testing Coordinator provided a hand-out, to the Board, summarizing the results of testing, for the 2013-2014 school year.

Routine business, such as reports, and minutes were all accepted, with out issue, by a motion By Otis Johnson and a second by Rex Darby.  

Janelle Sullivan made the motion to approve the student accident insurance proposal form Texas Kids First, for the Lone Star Plan, and the motion was seconded by Otis Johnson.  

Board members reviewed the revisions of five handbooks, and the recommended changes to the High School Curriculum Course Offerings, no changes were needed, and all were accepted, as is.

Consideration for the adoption of the Student Code of Conduct for 2014-2015, was made and accepted by a motion by Jacob Loewen and seconded by Sullivan.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Student Dress Code was available for similar review, and was also accepted with a motion by Johnson, and seconded by Rex Darby, carrying 5-0.

The Board then continued the meeting, in a closed door session.  

Resignations were considered for: Kimberly Waters; Chelsey Hawkins; Jana Scott; Kevin Gersbach, Paul Page; Jamie Gass; Dee Ann Pope; Thomas (Chase) Seelke, Brooke Vancleave; Morgan Browning, Greta Miers; David Smith; and Tully Brown.  The motion carried, unanimously.

The personnel considered for employment were: Lara Cantrell; Stephanie Sanders; Kevin Gersbach; Jared Alderson; Kendall Thornhill; Amy Wilson; Elizabeth Jackson; Phillip Sanders; David Williams; Allison Liles; Kacee Bednarz; William Gregory; Abigail Mitchell; Rita Kelly; Sonja Virden; Coleman Gant; Eldon Smith; Rhonnie Lester; Lynda Guenther; and Rose Barrientos. The motion carried 5-0.